Founder Angela Fusaro featured in Emory Business: “Alumna Angela Fusaro discusses unique entrepreneurial journey”

Physician 360’s founder Angela Fusaro was recognized in a 2017 profile by Emory Business. Emory Business has profiled alumni working in prominent companies such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Disney, and we are so proud they chose to spotlight Angela Fusaro, founder of Physician 360.

In the profile, Ms. Fusaro discusses how her passion for medicine meets her love of entrepreneurship in Physician 360: 

“‘I think even at that early phase in medical school it was pretty obvious to me that I had interests outside of clinical medicine...I thought [emergency medicine] was the best place to study human nature, which is what entrepreneurship, effectively, is all about.’”

Read the article in its entirety, which describes Ms. Fusaro’s journey to starting Physician 360 and the highs and lows of entrepreneurship she still experiences today. 

Physician 360 provides at-home strep, flu, UTI, and anemia test kits with an online physician consult. We are working hard to bring cost-effective telemedicine testing and diagnosis to every state in the US. Currently available in 37 states, Physician 360 is thriving, growing the pharmacy network while simultaneously working to expand to all 50 states. 

A big thank you to Emory Business for this recognition. We hope to continue growing and giving more patients control over their own healthcare in the years to come. To learn more about Physician 360’s rapid-test diagnostic kits, contact us today.