Physician 360 featured in 13WMAZ article: "Warner Robins pharmacy carries self-testing flu kits"

In December 2018, 13WMAZ featured Physician 360’s story after Benzer Pharmacy in Warner Robins, Georgia started carrying our at-home flu test kits. 13WMAZ covers local sports, weather, traffic, and media news, as well as features on noteworthy events in Warner Robins. We are so grateful to be recognized by them!

From “Warner Robins pharmacy carries self-testing flu kits”:

“If you're feeling under the weather, a company called Physician 360 created a self-testing kit that can help detect the flu. Benzer Pharmacy owner and pharmacist Ankit Patel says it’s an easy process. ‘You buy the kit first, you take a swab test -- it's the same swab test that you'd take at the ER, at a doctor's office. The swab test will give you a diagnosis of a positive or a negative,’ Patel said. ... ‘You get a free physician consult that's included with the kit, so you can video chat with a doctor, and you can go over your symptoms and they can immediately write you a prescription.’” 

Read the article in its entirety, including an interview with local mom Leigh Villegas, who said she’d be willing to give at-home test kits a try for her child.

Physician 360 provides at-home strep, flu, UTI, and anemia test kits with an online physician consult. We are working hard to bring cost-effective telemedicine testing and diagnosis to every state in the US. Currently available in 37 states, Physician 360 is thriving, growing the pharmacy network while simultaneously working to expand to all 50 states. 

A big thank you to 13WMAZ for this recognition. We hope to continue growing and giving more patients control over their own healthcare in the years to come. To learn more about Physician 360’s rapid-test diagnostic kits, contact us today.