CTO at Physician 360

Physician 360 is reinventing the way patients get diagnosed and treated for simple medical illness, like Strep and Flu. We are creating a virtual urgent care! Now, from the comfort of your couch you can receive treatment for an illness at a fraction of the cost. Co-founded by 2 physicians who were on the front lines of patient frustration. Help us change the face of healthcare! 


What you will do frequently: 

  • Translate layperson needs into technical requirements 

  • Design a system that integrates all our various work functions 

  • Responsibility for both technological vision as well as the product vision of our new in-house software 

  • Currently using private-labeled platform; oversee full-time developers to create proprietary MVP 

  • Troubleshoot private labeled platform in the meantime 

  • Have on-going basic troubleshooting capability for time-sensitive, patient-related glitches 

  • Be a part of Physician 360’s executive team where you support decision making and help shape and build our service offering 

The CTO will lead infrastructure development, information security and engineering of telemedicine platform, online payments and community support. Will be responsible for growing the engineering team and leading major launches/transitions. Within a short time, will ultimately focus on operational management over technical leadership. 

Physician 360 will need an MVP of our new proprietary platform, so the CTO is in charge of developing a MVP in the shortest time possible. Related responsibilities include selecting a technology stack, designing the application architecture, setting up a scalable cloud-based infrastructure (as well as choosing the cloud services provider), and testing the application. 

The CTO will be primarily an operational manager that’s responsible for overseeing the engineering team. As usual, the CTO still needs to be an A-level developer with deep knowledge of programming, but purely development-related tasks take the back seat. Instead of a focus on coding, within a short period of time, the CTO will shape the technology strategy and manage the engineering efforts within the organization. Management responsibilities include: 

  • Streamline feature deployment pipeline

  • Ensure security and high up-time of the application 

  • Provide scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure 

  • Supervise hiring and establish a software development culture within the organization (uniform standards and practices to write quality code and achieve high productivity) 

Position requires strong programming skills, relevant experience, and the ability to stick to an agile software development workflow. We are planning to hire developers so the CTO doesn’t need to perform all these duties personally, but they will still do a lot of coding early on. 

Email your resume and cover letter to info@physician360.co